Differentiating Caulobacter crescentus cells

Pellicle associated bacteria isolated from Lake Mendota

The Hershey Lab (Fall 2021)

A polysaccharide-deficient mutant


We are a dynamic group of scientists that is passionate about surface colonization. Bacteria spend a great deal of time in their native environments growing on solid surfaces. Establishing these attached communities is a deceptively complex process that requires exploratory cells to seek, recognize and attach to target substrates. Our group dissects the molecular mechanisms underlying the colonization sequence. Ultimately, we believe that characterizing how bacteria colonize surfaces will lead to new avenues for treating infections.

Lab news

-February 2023: Rachel joins the lab. Welcome!
-January 2023: Sely joins the lab. Welcome!
-April 2022: Ana is selected as an ASM Future Mentors Fellow. Congrats!!
-March 2022: Dan accepts his admissions offer at the New York Medical College.
-December 2021: Chandler joins the lab. Welcome Chandler!
-October 2021: Dan is awarded the Promega DOORS scholarship. Congrats Dan!!!